Lady Gaga defended her body amidst a hailstorm of salty social media snipes.

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  • 30 year old Lady Gaga performed a marathon Super Bowl halftime show that drew tremendous praise.
  • Some on social media felt Lady Gaga’s body wasn’t what it used to be, and sniped at her through their accounts.
  • Gaga said she was “Proud of her body” and wrote to her fans to “Be you, be relentlessly you.”

In a world of body positivity run amok, it’s odd to see a celebrity of such high fame as Gaga need to defend her body. The extraordinary talent, whose body fat is likely lesser than Botticelli’s Birth of Venus, has somehow become a thorn in an otherwise extraordinary half time performance by Gaga.

via Mediate

Lady Gaga’s Super Bowl halftime show was pretty epic. The show, which featured over 100 drones and most of Gaga’s hits, was widely praised on Twitter, Instagram, and in the media as well. It was inclusive, like she said it would be, and her voice was on point. Not that it needs to be discussed but, yes, her body also looked amazing.

Apparently not everyone felt that way. Some actually saw the need to focus on what she looked like, rather than how she sounded and the message she sent. Gaga is hitting back via Instagram to let her fans and critics know she’s not ashamed.

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