Mark Cuban fantasizes about how long Donald Trump can last

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  • Cuban complimented Trump for his policies on tax reform and reduction of bureaucracy.
  • “It’s our country, we want him to do well, we want our country to do well.”
  • Cuban however added “I don’t think he’ll last four years.”

via Mediate

Mark Cuban doesn’t think President Donald Trump is going to make it through his full first term. TMZ recently caught up with the vocal businessman and television personality and asked him for his thoughts on the president.

Cuban said that he does like some of Trump’s policies, including “tax reform, reduction of bureaucracy,” and others, noting that there are “a lot of positives there.” He said, however, that some of these policies are probably “not necessarily his ideas, and the execution, particularly on the ban has been horrible… I don’t think he’ll last four years.”

He also commented on Trump’s social media use, noting that he likes it because “he tells us what he’s thinking, or not thinking, but the reality is if you’re going to be the social media president, you don’t have to rip on the media, just tell your story.”

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