During last year’s election, you may have heard the names “David Brock” or “Media Matters” floated around the news cycle. If you didn’t research the significance of Brock or his organization, Media Matters, you hold no blame. Between the blitz of sensationalist headlines and misinformation flying in the air during the supercharged political season, it was easy for information to get lost.

Stephen B. Thornton for The New York Times

David Brock, owner of the left-leaning watchdog group, Media Matters, is a long-time Hillary Clinton flunky. Along with owning Media Matters, Brock also owns American Bridge – a pro-Democratic SuperPAC. In 2015, Correct The Record – or CTR, an extension of Brock’s American Bridge PAC, formed. During the 2016 election, it took to the digital sphere.


It’s easy to find evidence of CTR’s goal. In an effort to lessen the negative aura surrounding Hillary Clinton online, people were paid to go on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and other social media sites to fight for and defend Clinton and her illustrious record. Oh, and as noted by The Daily Beast, FEC loopholes allowed CTR to openly coordinate with Clinton’s Presidential campaign.


So, the nerds of CTR toiled over trying to alter the public’s perception of Clinton. CTR ran an astroturfing campaign across social media to bury posts potentially damaging to Clinton’s campaign and therefore lessen their impact and spread. With all of their money and time in the balance, the outcome they didn’t account for swept Brock, Clinton, and the political Establishment off their feet – the victory of Donald J. Trump. David Brock’s time, money, and effort all for naught; the crushing defeat handed to them on November 8 by the American people forced CTR to flee into the shadows, wounded and abject. With the pro-Clinton army of paid shills dispatched and unemployed, everything seemed fine – that was, until…

leaked memo from Shareblue, Brock’s newest SuperPAC aimed at altering public perception, exposed their strategy for the next four years

Throughout, the entire memo is grandiose and self-braggadocios, focusing especially on the number of shares, views, and plays their content amassed. The memo greatly talks up the potential and vision of Shareblue, labeling themselves as the central hub of the opposition and leading the charge against the Trump administration’s “misinformation”. Surely, it’s great that they’re confident in Shareblue because with the black, billowing smoke of CTR’s destruction still in their rearview mirror, I can’t help but ponder the vision and potential Brock held for Correct The Record starting out. I’m sure the scope and power he envisioned when first launching CTR were grand and arrogant, much like Shareblue’s.

The memo goes through 37 full-pages before it delves into their actual strategy. Tamely, Shareblue plans to:

  • Expand their editorial content
  • Aggregate left-leaning, liberal news
  • Focus more on video as vehicle for their anti-Trump rhetoric
  • Invest in investigative journalism
  • Be the go-to source for polling and predictive modeling

Shareblue has already failed to focus on their main points listed above as their sole strategy.

Already, an army of paid shills have again descended on social media and the web, attempting to spin a narrative that Trump supporters regret voting for the President.



Pictured above, a shill poster forgot to rename the image they posted on 4chan’s politics board. The image filename, “Crew sample-18(rename before posting)”, lends proof that Shareblue is continuing CTR’s record of astroturfing. In the leaked memo, a section detailing Shareblue’s “CREW” sector begins on page 25. Is it a coincidence that the Shareblue memo and this shill poster’s image both include “crew”?



This page from the leaked memo speaks entirely for itself. Brock and company posit Shareblue is “the Antidote to Breitbart” and “will take back social media for Democrats”. Yikes. With the liberal left’s and the mainstream media’s obsession over fake news, I find it hard to believe entering Shareblue into the mix won’t be a recipe for disaster. Soon, tech conglomerates will censor and suppress information. Websites deemed as “fake news” and “misinformation” will be buried and hidden from Internet users. Only time will tell the true reality of the situation. With the vast amount of power private social media giants are gaining to combat fake news, it’s a slippery slope.

By all means, Brock – dump even more money into another chance to finally stop Trump and stifle the voice of the people – you won’t win. It will be gleeful to watch as Shareblue, your second attempt at influencing the public sphere, crashes and burns. After its demise, you’ll probably chart a course ahead for the future and tell yourself third time’s the charm. The reality is, you have no charm, no hipness; your inability to evolve with the changing anti-Globalist, pro-Nationalist landscape of the world will be you – and your masters’ – downfall. Enjoy it while you can!



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