High school students suspended after trolling their school’s social justice group with pro-Trump signs.

Four Grand Rapids Christian High School students were suspended after an incident where they posed in front of  a pro-immigration banner while holding pro-Trump signs. Apparently, the signs read “Trump” and “Build the Wall”. As politically motivated as these disciplinary actions feel, Grand Rapids Christian School Superintendent Thomas DeJonge claims that the students were not disciplined for expressing their political viewpoint. Furthermore, DeJonge goes onto say the students were suspended for being disruptive and disrespectful.

Here’s a clip of the incident.

Unfortunately, the video above is the only clip we’ve been able to track down that is related to the incident. Even though the superintendent claims that things escalated, the guardians of the four pro-Trump students disagree with the school’s decision.

Here’s what the parents had to say:

“Why are they bringing this political nonsense into the school?”

“The students, were simply trying to support the President of the United States.”

“The students did not want to incite violence and only wanted to make a political statement about illegal immigration because the students felt they hadn’t been afforded an opportunity to say how they felt.”

Politically motivated or not, it’s obvious that the woman scolding the boys holding the pro-Trump signs was triggered. Regardless of how I feel about this situation, I will give that woman some credit for being so quick on the draw. Honestly, the woman above shut down the pro-Trump narrative faster than CNN cutting someone’s live feed.

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