In the morning of March 14, Julian Assange tweeted from his personal account regarding a so-called “Pence takeover” from sources within the Intelligence Community.

His tweets have set the Internet ablaze with speculation. Many theorize over what Assange’s aim may be and whether these claims are reality or fake news.

Assange on the “Pence Takeover”:

According to Assange…

“IC officials” close to Pence have supposedly stated that a plan to lead President Trump toward impeachment and have Pence resume control is in the works. Assange asserts that none other than Hillary Clinton privately said that she is pushing toward a Pence takeover because “Pence is predictable hence defeatable”.

However, as always with speculation – we must remember to think rationally and intelligently and not fall victim to fake news “anonymous sources”. Even when it comes from someone seemingly on our side, anonymous sources can come from anywhere and strengthen anyone’s narrative. Furthermore, a gullible public will eat up anything if it backs up their line of thinking.

Assange, with the Podesta E-mails and recently released Vault 7 exposing the CIA, has an impeccable record. It’s odd that he would posit such extravagant claims with absolutely no evidence. Though, perhaps if he’s broadcasting this information with no proof, it shows just how dire the situation may truly be.

Vice-President Pence responded to the allegations, calling them “absurd” and “frankly offensive”. As of now, it’s a game of “he said, she said”. If the news of a Pence takeover is true, we’re at least aware of it now and can watch eagle-eyed for any indications of it coming to fruition. However, if it’s false, it may lead to a crazed witch hunt to burn a witch that doesn’t exist.

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