Late Wednesday night, a Hawaiian judge put a halt on President Trump’s travel ban. The travel ban proposed a temporary stop on immigration from six Muslim-majority countries. Although the travel ban is 100% constitutional, this is the second time the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals – whom, in recent years, have had 80% of their rulings overturned – put a block on it.

On Monday, Barack Obama was seen in Hawaii. According to ABC News, Obama ate at Noi Thai Cuisine…

Noi Thai's social media confirms they hosted the President.

…and was seen playing golf at Mid-Pacific Country Club.

Delving deeper, we find that Obama and the Hawaiian judge, Derrick Watson, were in the same class at Harvard Law. We also find that Watson was nominated by Obama during his Presidency!

Obama ate at Noi Thai and hit the links at Mid-Pacific Country Club. That puts Obama in very close proximity to Honolulu’s courthouse. The infographic also puts Watson’s house in the same area. However, I was unable to personally verify the authenticity of that claim. Nonetheless, being so close to the courthouse is a huge red flag itself.

Obama and the Hawaiian Judge who blocked the ban are very close.

Here are the facts:

Just two days before President Trump’s second attempt at the travel ban was blocked, Obama was in Honolulu – in the same area as the Hawaiian judge who blocked it, at that! Is it possible Obama talked to Watson and had the 9th Circuit once again block the travel ban? Certainly. Proven? No.

Obama’s potential meddling is 100% unconfirmed.

It comes on the heels of reports the former President is creating a shadow government to fight against the Trump administration.

The duck test for abductive reasoning states “If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it probably is a duck”. With the suspicious timing of Obama’s visit to Honolulu and being in such close proximity to the judge who would block the travel ban less than 48 hours after his visit, the duck test greatly applies in this case.

I implore you to ask yourself: do coincidences this big exist?

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