Fake comedian Amy Schumer recently released a Netflix special. Sitting at a whopping one star rating, Amy Schumer’s ‘The Leather Special’ can be described in one word. Disaster!

Now, before you say, “AMY SCHUMER IS NOT A FAKE COMEDIAN! GIRLS RULE. WOMEN ARE FUNNY. GET OVER IT!” Please note that I’m not hating on female comics. Rather, I’m providing criticism of a craft that I both admire and respect. However, to say that Amy’s latest standup special didn’t completely bomb would be a hilarious understatement. Furthermore, to claim that the one star rating for ‘The Leather Special’ was the result of an “alt-right” Reddit brigadeis not only a cop outbut fake news to boot. You’re not getting trolled, Amy. You bombed. Maybe repeating the word pussy ten times in roughly ten minutes turned some viewers off?

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Why do you call Amy Schumer a ‘fake comedian’?

The first time I saw Amy Schumer perform was during The Comedy Central Roast of Charlie Sheen. Admittedly, I was blown away. Amy was easily one of the best roasters on the ticket. Her delivery and crassness reminded me of a female version of Anthony Jeaslinik. Oddly enough, the two were dating at the time and they both performed at the Sheen roast.

Honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if Jeaslinik wrote Amy’s entire set. Now, I know that’s a rather harsh allegation to make. However, given the amount of times that Amy has been accused of joke thievery, I wouldn’t rule it out completely. Regardless, I don’t care if you’re an amateur at an open mic or the headline act performing at The Apollo. If you knowingly steal jokes from another comedian, you are a total hack. Therefore, a fake comedian.

What’s wrong with stealing jokes?

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Although, anyone in the comedy circuit will tell you that stealing another comedian’s material is about as low as it gets. Not only is stealing jokes seriously frowned upon, but it can be a kiss of deathbecause if you get caughtyour career is over. And that’s exactly what happened to Carlos Mencia after he was exposed by Joe Rogan.

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Where’s the proof that Amy Schumer steals jokes?

In the tail end of 2015, rumors surfaced that Amy Schumer  had been stealing jokes. On January 26, 2016,  those rumors turned into a twelve minute compilation of some pretty damaging “similarities”.

Not Safe For Work*

After the joke thief shit storm that Amy wholeheartedly denies, you would think that Amy would have gone over her “new” material for ‘The Leather Special’ with a fine tooth comb. Unfortunately, it appears as though Amy’s unlucky streak continues. In the words of Fake News journalist, Chris Cuomo… “oh no, that sucks“.

Not Safe For Work*

‘The Leather Special’ Review:

First and foremost, if you plan on watching this dumpster fire, viewer discretion advised. I kid you not, Amy Schumer says the word pussy at least ten times in like ten minutes (I stopped keeping track after that). I’m not a prude, but her talking about her vagina for a good portion of the 56 minute long routine was cringe worthy. Also, I know that the whole self-deprecating party girl is her shtick. But, for God’s sake… the woman is almost 40. How much longer is this act going to keep drawing crowds? It’s the same exact shit that she has been regurgitating for nearly a decade.  Personally, I’m growing  tired of hearing about the time she was diddled by a taxi driver.

In the beginning of ‘The Leather Special’ Amy mentions that every comedian has a leather special that they regret later. I know she was talking about regretting wearing the leather, but I can’t help but to chuckle at the foreshadowing. Sadly, that was the only humor I was able to take away from Amy’s “leather special” because I didn’t laugh a single time. Sitting through the entire thing was borderline painful. I actually had to watch it in segments because it was that unfunny.

Finally, to make this comedy special even more atrocious, Amy Schumor didn’t pass up the opportunity to sneak in some good old fashioned feminism. I don’t know about you, but feminist talking points aren’t exactly giggle inducing. There’s actually a bit about how Amy said she would push a man off a mountain if he didn’t want to perform oral sex on her genitals. The same genitals in which she compared the odor to a small barnyard animal. I can’t even imagine the backlash a man would face in current year if he joked about pulling a similar stunt.

The saddest thing about this whole fiasco is that Netflix has dropped their ratings system. Fake comedian Amy Schumer gets a one star rating and Netflix felt the need to white knight. Pathetic.






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