Today, after seven long and trying years of Obamacare plaguing the nation, a new GOP-led healthcare bill was expected to go through the House for a vote. However, shortly before a vote was called, Speaker Paul Ryan pulled the bill from the House at President Trump’s request. Right on cue, the mainstream media rags are already hailing this as a devastating blow for President Trump. Democrat leaders are even calling this a “lose-lose” situation for the Republican party. Excuse me?

Firstly, President Trump is now on the way to a full repeal and replace of Obamacare. Don’t mistake it, the bill today – championed by ineffectual Paul Ryan – was merely Obamacare Lite. The content of the new bill wasn’t accessible to the public; Kentucky Senator Rand Paul couldn’t even analyze the bill’s finer details, for that matter! The clandestine nature of the bill stunk rotten. Therefore, it was not the right bill!

Even being shrouded in secrecy and unable to be analyzed isn’t enough to stop the mainstream media from shilling this as a unrecoverable defeat for Trump.

What does anyone expect? Are politicians really going to push through a healthcare bill they know nothing about? If there is no transparency to a process, there can be no debate or discussion over it. Furthermore, an antidote to Obamacare is on Ryan’s shoulders – not Trump’s. Paul Ryan has had seven years to solve the knowingly-doomed Obamacare and has instead sat on his hands. The mainstream media can make this about President Trump all they want. However, all this pulled healthcare bill truly showcases to the people is Paul Ryan’s total ineffectiveness.

The Art of the Deal says “Know when to walk away from the table”.

Top Democrats have called the entire situation a “lose-lose” for Republicans but really, it’s another big fat loss for Democrats. Fox News’ Bret Baier even went so far as to declare Obama as the biggest winner of the day because Obamacare is still intact. Sure, let’s just ignore that Obamacare is imploding with skyrocketing premiums and insurers leaving areas with no coverage. Obamacare is barely standing upright on its own and Paul Ryan even admitted it’s only going to get worse.

When Obamacare becomes completely unsustainable, Democrats will run across the aisle to President Trump for help. Whether anyone wants to admit it or not, the impending collapse of our healthcare system will solely be the fault of the architects of Obamacare – no matter how staunchly the mainstream media points to President Trump. In truth, all Trump has to do is bide his time until the Democrats fully see and realize the problem they created. Yes, he’s walking away from the table for now but he knows when he comes back to negotiate again, he will have big-league leverage and that, folks, is the art of the deal.

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