Both NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden and Wikileak’s latest release, Vault 7 – have exposed the dark underbelly to our intelligence communities. The leaks gave us the framework behind their corruption. PRISM, XKeyscore, Boundless Informant, Weeping Angel – the programs they use to monitor and track us.

Enter Dennis Montgomery, former NSA/CIA contractor. Montgomery, driven by what our intel communities have become, took 47 hard drives and over 600 million pages of classified info from the agencies. Montgomery sought to legally whistleblow and expose the corruption happening within the FBI, CIA, and NSA. He came forward, under grant of immunity, to FBI Director James Comey. The info, Montgomery alleged, shows that intel agencies – specifically under Obama – spied unconstitutionally on many prominent Americans. That would include, of course, Donald Trump, during his time as President-Elect. Even the Trump transition team was surveilled!

However, Dennis Montgomery came forward nearly two years ago.

Director Comey and his close associates have sat on this for two years. Instead of pursuing the evidence and bringing Montgomery to Congress to testify and prove this mass corruption, they ignored it and hoped it would disappear.

Larry Klayman – founder of Judicial Watch – recently stepped up. Klayman wrote a letter to Chairman Nunes of the House Intelligence Committee regarding the apparent cover-up. Klayman set a deadline of March 24, 2017 for Nunes to respond to his request to have Montgomery interviewed. As of March 29, there has been no response to Klayman. However, time is of the essence – Montgomery must testify immediately. He suffers from a potentially fatal brain aneurysm and may not live much longer.

Seemingly, with Montgomery’s explosive evidence, the only argument Obama and his administration had left – masking American’s identities in intelligence – is even dead on arrival. 20 people in the NSA – probably even more – are able to unmask any identity at will. That’s what makes this so bad – our hidden identities are unmasked in incidental collection of foreign data. Unwarranted and 100% at will, our privacy and rights are trodden and thrown wayside.

Montgomery gives us a chance to expose the mass corruption and infringement of rights. Therefore, we must act now.

47 hard drives. 600 million pages of classified info. The cold, damning evidence contained in these data sets must be staggering. Liberals and Democrats champion progressiveness and ethics but still stand behind Obama who spied on a political opponent. That’s not ethical, nor is it progressive. It is advantageous and abusive, however – the true hallmarks of the Democratic party. The Establishment – in a desperate, last-ditch attempt to gather blackmail on Trump – spied on him and found nothing.

In that process, President Trump, his transition team, and countless others had their fourth amendment rights violated.

When will the transgressions on our rights and liberties end? Will justice ever return to see this criminal behavior handled appropriately? Montgomery has been languishing for years. He’s hitting roadblocks set up by the very officials who supposedly investigate and uphold the integrity of our government organizations. I can understand Montgomery – having seen firsthand the smear campaign on Snowden after he illegally leaked data – wanting to do it legally. However, when the system works lockstep against you attempting to expose such mass corruption, maybe dumping it all isn’t such a bad alternative.

Alongside Klayman, we can make our voices be heard. Dennis Montgomery must go before Congress immediately. He must testify on the mass corruption plaguing the U.S. intelligence community. The sanctity of America is at stake – the fourth amendment apparently means nothing to our elected politicians. What other of our civil liberties do they violate and abuse for their power and greed?

One thing is for certain: the clock is ticking and, eventually, time will run out. Our chance to act is now.




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