Bloomberg, on the heels of Mike Cernovich – who broke the exclusive story, reports that Susan Rice, National Security Adviser of the Obama administration, has been identified as the official who requested the unmasking of incoming Trump administration officials.

The National Security Council’s intelligence director, Ezra Cohen-Watnick, reviewed the government’s policy of “unmasking” identities of Americans caught in incidental collection. In his investigation, Cohen-Watnick found Rice’s multiple requests to unmask U.S. citizens in intel reports related to the Trump transition team. After finding these intelligence reports, Cohen-Watnick brought them to the attention of the White House General Counsel’s office. With further review, the Counsel’s office discovered more of Rice’s requests.

Summarized in the unmasked intelligence reports? Conversations of foreign officials discussing the Trump transition and direct contact between Trump administration officials and foreign officials. Information like who the transition team was meeting with, their views on foreign policy and plans for their incoming administration was illicitly gathered. Seemingly, Obama and his top aides didn’t care about the Fourth Amendment when performing this unwarranted seizure. Perhaps, with how much of an apparent shoe-in Clinton’s win was during the election to Obama and the Democrats, they felt sure they could cover their wrongdoings up and keep it hidden away.

It’s too bad it didn’t work out that way.

“I know nothing about this… I was surprised to see reports from Chairman Nunes on that account today.”

You can’t request to unmask Trump officials in intel and play dumb about it when asked. Did Rice really think that all of this would go away and disappear? The sad part is, if Clinton had won the election – it would have.

Furthermore, it seems as if this level of corruption is usual for Obama and his top advisers. They glean all the info they want out of monitoring the Trump transition team and once another Democrat is in office – it all drops away, hidden from view.

Of course, Susan Rice being the the one to request unmasking on Trump transition officials is getting no attention from the legacy media. The only tidbit the mainstream media would possibly want you to take away from this: Trump was wrong! Trump Tower was never wiretapped.

Instead of looking at the bigger issue, the fact that President Trump and the transition team members had their Fourth Amendment rights violated, they’ll instead focus on total non-issues. Typical!

However, the curtain will fall. Therefore, the truth will come to light.

The only way Obama and the Democrats could have hoped to cover their tracks was a Clinton presidency. With President Trump in the White House, he will bring all of the corrupt, unethical ploys to light. The political swamp is deep and thick. The President must tread carefully with his actions and words. The deep state continues to look for chinks in the President’s armor to take him down.

It seems all the Democrats are keen to investigate is the non-existent collusion between Trump and Russia. Even after Adam Schiff, an Establishment puppet pushing the Russia conspiracy theory, admitted there was no definitive evidence behind the idea, Democrats still won’t relent. It’s time to pony up. It’s time to look at yourselves and your own party instead of projecting onto others. If Obama didn’t order this surveillance on the Trump transition team, it at least came from high up. In short, we have a smoking gun. The violation of our liberties and rights is not something that should continue. A full and thorough investigation into this corruption must take place. It seems such blatant and unabashed corruption was the norm for the Obama administration. We cannot let this pass without justice or punishment. We must hold them accountable for their actions.

Things are heating up… is it any wonder Obama went to Tahiti – a country with no U.S. extradition laws?

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