In this week’s episode of virtue signaling gone wrong, Pepsi manages to unite liberals and conservatives by pissing both sides off.

Leave it to current year for corporations, main stream media and marketing agency’s alike to simultaneously transition into terrible content creators. Considering that money is no object for conglomerates like Pepsi, there really is no excuse for terrible content. Not to mention, the path for proper brand management was paved many years ago.

However, it seems as though more and more companies are willing to abandon their trusty GPS; in favor of a questionable moral compass. Unless steering their brand off a cliff is the intended destination, now would be an excellent time for their device to chime in and say, “recalculating”.

Does Pepsi’s co-opt of ‘Resistance’, ‘Black Lives Matter’ and ‘Culture Appropriation’ quench your thirst?

Unfortunately, for Pepsi, it appears as though their stacked card for diversity BINGO may have backfired. And by “may” have—I mean—it totally fucking backfired. Not only are people on the right puzzled by the fact that anyone would willingly drink Pepsi Max…

But, many on the left are frothing at the mouth over the fact that Pepsi would have the audacity to try to cash in on the ongoing “battle” for social justice and equality.

Okay, that last one was just plain old funny.  Regardless, if you want to see outrage tweets, just go check out the hashtag #Pepsi. Enjoy the swill while it’s still trending.

Where the Pepsi commercial went wrong

  • Awkward.
  • Too political.
  • Virtue signaling
  • Divisive in nature.
  • Romanticizes protesting.
  • Aimed to capitalize off social activism.
  • White washed Black Lives Matter.
  • Of course the token Asian guy was playing some sort of string instrument.
  • Not all Millennial’s dress like morons.

Update: Pepsi has pulled the ad.


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