For the fourth time, Anti-fascists have disrupted free speech in Berkeley. Back in February, Milo Yiannopoulos’ speaking event at U.C. Berkeley was canceled. The reason? Intolerant leftist protestors rioted and caused extensive damage to the campus before the event. Now, at a free speech rally last week, Antifa hurled M80 firecrackers into crowds of innocent people. The escalation and radicalization of the left is unacceptable and it senselessly puts lives in danger.

Honestly, it’s old hat to mock Antifa at this point. They’ve failed utterly so many times, they’re totally irrelevant. They grasp at straws in labeling everyone who disagrees with them a “nazi”. They lack the self-awareness to realize they’re acting as the brownshirts for the Establishment. When you paint an entire group of people with such a large brush, it doesn’t make you the good guy – it makes you the one unwilling to compromise.

Fake News, of course, couldn’t get the story right. Both BBC and a Swedish news outlet reported that the event held in Berkeley was to “demand transparency” in how much taxes President Trump pays. In reality, the event was a patriot’s day, freedom of speech rally! Furthermore, with how it’s being reported as an “anti-Trump tax demonstration”, that makes it seems like Trump supporters crashed it when Antifa were actually the aggressors. It must be nice to report news, rewrite history, and make the victims the bad guys. This nascent, incessant agenda pushing is the main reason why Fake News needs to go the way of the dinosaurs – EXTINCT!

After their repeated loss at Berkeley, discussion online further radicalized. Whereas conservatives and Trump supporters organize and broadcast a message en masse, delusional leftists and Antifa want to arm themselves for a “pyschological element”. Let’s not forget they were the ones throwing the powerful M80 firecrackers into crowds. Antifa will continue to escalate the stakes because they are petulant children with no regards for consequences or the rules. However, when someone gets hurt (or worse), the blame will fall squarely on the shoulder of Trump supporters. No matter the reality of the situation, even if Antifa were 100% at fault, the mainstream media will be sure to latch on to a chance to further vilify and dehumanize conservatives and supporters of the President.

Let’s be clear. Antifa are the only ones acting on violent urges. They terrorize and intimidate others for politically-motivated reasons under the guise of “stopping fascism”. Under this catch-all excuse, they threaten and bully others based on opposing political beliefs. They seek out events to disrupt and then wonder why there’s resistance against their “cause”. I can’t say this plainly enough: if you throw M80 firecrackers into crowds of people at a freedom of speech rally, you’re a terrorist.

Finally, let’s compare and contrast…

A determined promise of bringing home “100 nazi scalps” turns into this…

Maybe stay home next time, Antifa! I’m sure mommy could use help cooking dinner anyway.

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