After 8 years of a covert drone war waged by Obama, it’s odd to see the U.S. military unshackled under President Trump.

Trump, who campaigned largely on a vision of revitalizing the nation, seemed to pull a bit of an about face. After a chemical weapons attack in Idlib, Syria killed at least 86 civilians, Trump ordered his first major military action on a Syrian airbase. 59 Tomahawk missiles were fired and hit target, leveling the base and aircraft shelters, equipment, and ammunition bunkers. Chemical weapons were thought to be stored on the site.

The action was mostly symbolic; an assertion to the perpetrator of the attack – whoever that may be. The message certainly rang clear: America once again has a leader and won’t tolerate chemical attacks on civilians. President Trump’s response was quick, as well. A stark contrast to Obama’s complete lack thereof in Syria with his “red line”. Like most of Trump’s base, I’m ardently anti-war. I don’t want to pursue regime change in Syria or any country. Wars only benefit the global elite and the military industrial complex – not regular people. However, as brash as the President’s Syria strike was, it was still very effective. It sent a clear and striking message to the world – an actual leader is back in the White House. Not to mention – Trump told Chinese leader, Xi Jinping, of the strike over ‘the most beautiful piece of chocolate cake’. Talk about stone cold!

So long as President Trump doesn’t throw us into another sprawling, endless conflict in the Middle East or oust world leaders on kneejerk reactions, he’ll stay true to the vision of America first he promised us.

However, things won’t always be that easy.


For instance, take North Korea. With their yearly annual airing of aggressive and empty threats aimed at the U.S., they’ve gained the spotlight of the world stage again. Of course, with Trump in office, the media is in furor to spin up fears over World War 3 – even though North Korea literally does this every year! Yes, it is worrying and a little alarming that amidst the world scene reacting to the supercharged 2016 election, North Korea is seemingly threatening to nuke the world.

But President Trump is… kind of handling the situation.

The President met with Chinese leader, Xi Jinping at Mar-a-lago at the beginning of April, and China stopped buying coal from North Korea. President Trump called the move “big step” in easing tensions. China even criticized the hermit nation and praised the U.S. on dealing with the issue of nuclear weapons. Furthermore, Trump partially puts the responsibility of North Korea on China’s back:

President Trump is slowly working to gain China as an ally against North Korea. Kim Jong-un will be left stranded and alone on the world stage. Once North Korea’s biggest ally leaves their side, the country’s irrational and childish threats to the world will make them look even more delusional.

A President that actually leads? What a concept! Foreign policy is not easy. After eight years of total foreign policy failure from Obama, Trump will – with ease – outpace and overperform his predecessor. After two terms of an ineffectual administration, the acclimation back to the world stage might be a jolt to most Americans. However, effective foreign policy pays off. Therefore, with a successful, intelligent, and sage dealmaker like Trump in the White House, it’s worthwhile to pursue.

Less than 100 days into his Presidency and there’s a marked difference between Trump and Obama.

The biggest? Trump’s willingness to roll up his sleeves and get dirty to make deals that benefit Americans. Through Obama’s eight years, his vision of hope and change morphed to one of disparity. Perhaps, with Trump’s hard work, optimism and American success will bloom again.

So chill out and let a certified dealmaker get the nation back on track. Lord knows we’ve given the politicians enough chances.

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