On April 21st, Bill Nye Saves The World premiered on Netflix. Critical reception has been almost universally negative. There are outliers to the negative reception, though, as seen by Twitter users under the show’s tag:

The show apparently goes “out of its way to speak like an adult”… NEWSFLASH: it doesn’t!

The show counts as “studying for bio, chem, and physics” to some… yes, if you want to fail high school.

I’ll be straight with you – I haven’t watched the entire show and don’t plan on it. I did watch segments from the ninth episode, “The Sexual Spectrum”, however, and immediately rejected the possibility of listening to whatever else Nye baselessly spews as “science”. Seriously, just listen to this garbage:

If you made it through the whole song, you can see there are some… downright weird lyrics. And what does Nye say at the end of the song? “That’s exactly the right message, Rachel!” Excuse me?

The chorus of this song is “My sex junk is so, oh, oh, oh?” – that’s the right message?

Is population control the “right message” as well, Nye? Here’s one of the commentators from the show:

“So, our two kids are way more problematic [for climate change]. The Nigeriens, with an average of seven children, are not the problem.”

More blatant white-shaming as well:

In his episode over “the sexual spectrum”, Nye even advocates letting three-year-olds choose their own gender. Bashing viewers over the head with your politicized agenda doesn’t make it right. The style and aim of the show also seems directed toward children, at that! Singing, dancing, bright lights, a stuffed animal as a DJwhat is the aim here, exactly?

Bluntly, none of this is science. This is emotive feeling trying to be backed by science. You of all people should understand that, Nye… or maybe not, considering you only have a degree in mechanical engineering!

I have no problem with differing views nor do I have problem with opinions. I do have problem with a show that is stylistically and seemingly written toward children and is therefore indoctrinating them with these “sexual” views.

Think I sound crazy? In an interview with CNN, Nye says he wants 12-year-olds watching this show. His “stuffed animal DJ” (pictured below, behind Nye) also addresses the audience as “kids”.

For me, that’s pretty much a case closed. We should not be indoctrinating children with these confusing, emotive-driven – in no way “scientific” – views. The show is rated TV-14 – but most parents today will put anything on for their children , especially if it’s on Netflix. The fact that this is Bill Nye’s show just may make parents gravitate toward it but perhaps that was the goal?

Seriously, Bill – how big was the paycheck you got? Your reputation is complete trash to sane people now so I hope it was worth it!




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