Late-night host and antiTrump critic Stephen Colbert, in his monologue on The Late Show Monday night, ran with an extremely tasteless “joke“. In an attempt to lambaste President Trump, Colbert said, “the only thing your mouth is good for is being Vladimir Putin’s cock holster.” Stephen Colbert must be held accountable for the implications of this so-called comedy. Today – in response – the “Fire Colbert” movement spawned and gained traction. However, the ball must keep rolling.

Champion of the Democrats, Stephen Colbert demeaned and insulted homosexuals en masse. He debased an act of love performed by humans. It’s incredibly hateful and thoughtless to completely degrade an entire group of people just because you’re an irrational baby that doesn’t agree with the President. You cannot champion progressivism and yet be so narrow-minded and hateful. The hypocrisy of left-leaning celebrities is reaching unreal levels. They pioneer and tote ideals and values that they do not hold themselves accountable to. Therefore, they are without integrity or ethics.

Oh, and speaking of holding yourself accountable…

Colbert certainly didn’t bother to mention his ties to the Podesta brothers, did he? Stephen’s sister, Elizabeth Colbert Busch – Democratic nominee for Congress in a South Carolina special election in 2013, had a fundraising event held by the Podesta brothers. No, the entire time leading up the 2016 election, Colbert didn’t bother to mention that John Podesta, the chairman of Clinton’s campaign, gave money to his sister’s campaign. Instead of announcing the ties, Colbert pushed them into the shadows and assumed they’d never come to light.

Homophobia isn’t acceptable. Bigotry on this level – normalized by a liberal personality – is not acceptable. Outrage from the left comes often; and usually for less offensive reasons. Stephen Colbert cannot be allowed to skate by for such offensive and tasteless remarks. Not liking the President does not give you clearance or justification to marginalize people – therefore, it’s time to Fire Colbert! Thus, let’s take a page from the liberal handbook and hold them by their own standards:

Contact CBS. Write their – and The Late Show’s – advertisers. Share how deeply Colbert’s homophobic remarks impacted your view of their brands.

Take your own advice, integrity-less hypocrite!

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