Late Friday, French presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron’s campaign said it had been the target of a “massive” computer hack that leaked its campaign emails online just days before the French election. A 9 gigabyte trove of e-mails was uploaded to Pastebin, a document-sharing site where you can post anonymously.

Already, U.S. and foreign media has placed blame on the all-powerful Russian hackers targeting Macron. Sound familiar? The ever infallible Russian boogeyman excuse is growing tired. In reality, the CIA’s Marble Framework can obfuscate and hide the origins of hacking attacks. If – with expert manipulation – the very origin of cyberattacks can change, is it even possible to attribute them to any one country or organization?

The e-mails are entirely in French, therefore the relay of information will have a delay. However, this is definitely something to keep an eye on.

Even with a barrier of language between the leaks and the spread of information, some interesting information has already been divulged. Apparently, Macron is funded by the Rothschilds:

Simply put, being funded and bought by Globalists like the Rothschild family is not justifiable. Globalism does not benefit or suit the average citizen; only the greedy elite. Therefore, Macron is not the candidate of the people. Marine Le Pen, with no shadow players funding her, is more representative to the voice of the people. Corruption runs deep – when you serve the people but only truly work for the elite? Completely reprehensible.

Here’s a good question…

If there are classified e-mails between Macron from both Sarkozy – former President of France – and Saudi Prince Aziz, why are they there? Sarkozy, sure, that’s somewhat understandable (but still weird). However, correspondence with the Saudi Prince will be a bit harder to write off… Along with this, another interesting e-mail allegedly shows that the Macron campaign has “contacts” inside the Interior Ministry (who is responsible for the election). Is the entire process rigged?

There are more tweets and images supposedly from the leak circulating the Internet. However, in the interest of ethical and honest reporting, I’m omitting them. Disinformation and fake news could easily spread under the guise of being part of the leak. There’s no benefit to that.

Questioning the veracity of the leak itself? Analysis shows that the initial 9GB leak of e-mails is consistent with reality. For instance, Macron’s signature on documents in the e-mails matches up with his publicly available signatures, dates are consistent with French format. Macron and the media will go from calling the leaks fake to blaming it all on the Russians – as if that absolves them of their blame. The e-mails don’t lie at the fault of the Russians or forgery – but instead of whomever dictated the correspondence. A leak or breach of security does not guarantee you victim rights, only accountability.


To follow this developing story, check the “#MacronLeaks” hashtag on Twitter.


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