It’s obvious that former FBI Director James Comey acted in gross negligence over the investigation into Hillary Clinton and her staff mishandling classified e-mails. Instead of enacting justice, Comey insulated Clinton and her top aides from any wrongdoing.

Earlier last week, Comey testified in front of the House Oversight Committee on the e-mail probe. Overall, it was a poor show. Instead of giving real answers or labeling intent of wrongdoing, Comey merely danced around questions.

Comey alleged that Huma Abedin – Clinton’s top aide during the 2016 election – “forwarded hundreds and thousands of e-mails, some of which contain[ed] classified information.” Comey, acting as a tool of the political swamp in Washington D.C., protected Clinton and her goons of wrongdoing. According to Comey, Abedin sent e-mails to Weiner for him to print “out of convenienceComey also said he doesn’t think Weiner read any classified materials, or that Abedin “had a sense what she was doing was in violation of the law.

Ignorantia juris non excusat. A legal principle that holds a person who is unaware of a law may not escape liability for violating it merely because they didn’t know it was illegal.

It’s not exactly rocket science. Ignorance is not an excuse for breaking the law. For instance, if you were pulled over by a police officer and cited for speeding; if your best defense is that you didn’t know the speed limit, don’t you think the cop would laugh?

Bear in mind, these new sets of egregious claims come long after Comey’s initial decision not to recommend criminal charges against Clinton back in July of 2016. In deliberations last year, Comey admitted “there is evidence of potential violations of statues regarding the handling of classified information“. He also stated that Clinton and her team “were extremely careless in their handling of highly classified information“.

Yes, there was evidence of violation of statues over how they handled classified information.

Yes, Clinton and her staff were extremely careless in how they handled classified intel.

Thus, with no intent to break the law discovered – Clinton, et al are innocent and absolved of any crimes. Somehow, even with hard evidence coming from an FBI Director that they mishandled classified documents, intent still doesn’t exist! What a load of bull!

After all of this, is it any wonder why President Trump fired Comey? As FBI Director, Comey was doing an inept and bumbling job of protecting the integrity of our nation and politicians. Instead of holding them accountable, he protected and covered for them. Over the course of the election, bipartisan calls for Comey to either resign or be terminated arose…

Seems pretty unanimous to me…

But now, leftists, liberals, and Democrats alike have cold feet over it…

Even before the announcement of Comey’s removal, top Democrats insulted and blasted the former FBI Director early Tuesday. John Podesta posted this exchange only seven hours apart from each other yesterday:

The outrage displayed by leftists is not only unreal but it’s uncalled for because this is exactly what they were asking for! After ruining the election for Clinton, Comey’s removal should placate and comfort leftists. Instead, they continue to froth at the mouth and scream “RUSSIA!but how many times does it have to be said:

There is no evidence of collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign!

Seriously, when even loony democrat Maxine Waters admits there’s no proof – there’s no proof!


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