President Trump, I have the answer to an honest, ethical FBI Director: Trey Gowdy.

After President Trump’s shock firing of former FBI Director, James Comey last week, Democrats and conservatives alike await the announcement of the new director. As a shortlist of candidates emerges, one name stands out compared to the rest. That is, of course, firestarter Trey Gowdy who represents the 4th district of South Carolina.

Gowdy is a passionate voice of integrity in our shallow and toxic house of representatives. He holds our politicians accountable and takes no one’s bullshit. Above all, he holds our constitution stringent to the actions of our representatives and doesn’t warp it to justify their corruption.

Unlike so many in D.C., Gowdy is unwilling to sell himself out to the Establishment.

Instead of pledging to the crony capitalism and greed that rules our representatives, he’s loyal to us. Instead of fighting for corporations and lobbyists, he fights for us. Simply, we need many more like him and he’s already invaluable in Congress; however, with Gowdy as FBI Director, justice would take storm on the political swamp of D.C. and corruption would not be allowed to stand. Accountability would finally reign proud.

With Gowdy as FBI Director, someone’s FBI case may even open up again…

President Trump: chants at your rallies often called to “LOCK HER UP”, so make it happen!

With his famous zinger at the second Presidential debate, Trump essentially campaigned on holding Clinton accountable for her corruption. With Gowdy running the FBI, Clinton and many more would be held for their greedy and downright treasonous actions against the American people. America first, Mr. President – remember? Comey was the first step to draining the swamp but without showing you mean results, it doesn’t amount to anything.


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