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On Tuesday, furor erupted over British media personality Katie Hopkins‘ tweets regarding the Manchester terrorist attack that slaughtered scores of children attending an Ariana Grande concert. After posting the tweet below, Hopkins was reported to British police by another user.

Hopkins also used the term ‘final solution’ in one of her tweets but quickly deleted it and replaced it with ‘true solution’. Was it in bad taste for Hopkins to use ‘final solution’? Absolutely. Jailed or fined for it, though? Absolutely not. It’s a bizarro world when people come under fire for wanting to choose security over the slaughter of innocent children.

Tuesday, Hopkins appeared on Tucker Carlson Tonight on Fox News:

Tucker leads off: “Terrorists attack an arena in Manchester and kill children and you’re under investigation – how does that work exactly, Katie?”

Hopkins explains that “there are certain thoughts you’re… not allowed to have” in the UK. “It’s not good enough… to say we can’t carry on as normal. I demand action – I want people to use their anger to say we need to do something to stop this…

Hopkins is right. An Islamic jihadist targeted an Ariana Grande concert with a nail bomb. Instead of pointing outrage at the attack itself, people are focusing it on Hopkins and her tweets. Instead of getting angry over tweets, citizens should be outraged by the politically motivated radicalization slaughtering their children.

Tucker – asking the right questions – raises a good point:

“…Is the government that is demonstrably unwilling to defend its own children… a legitimate government? What’s the point of having a government if they won’t protect your children?”

Safety and security are the hallmarks of any successful and thriving society or government. Over the past few years, terrorism and death has senselessly reigned over the UK. Innocent peoplechildren – have died in the name of nothing other than Islam. Politicians refuse to address the issue. Most citizens seem fine with bandying  “political correctness” to further ignore the problem.

It is nearly to the point where it can no longer be ignored and by then, it’ll be too late.

Therefore, there is no point to having a government that doesn’t protect its citizens or safeguard its borders. Sovereignty is dependent on security; security is dependent on borders; borders are dependent on politicians.

UK PM, Theresa May condemned the “cowardly” attack. However, shortly after, May reported that the terror threat level was being elevated to critical – the highest level – meaning another attack is possibly imminent. It seems that condemnation or praying isn’t doing anything to stop these horrific attacks…

It’s very simple. These attacks will not stop of their own volition; they will only stop when we decide enough is enough.

  • ss442es

    Katie is exactly right and a final solution IS needed. I am sick and tired of the daily drone of prayers for victims and families islamic terror and want to hear decisive direction on fixing the problem and ejecting muslims and outlawing islamic because islamic practice includes terror as is written in the koran. I suggest they read it. British bureaucrats are quick to attack citizens who are fed up and express their opinion and deny any thoughts of retribution or working to fix the problem. They have crated a safe haven for islamic terrorists and hell for citizens who only wish for peace. Peace is not possible with islam as we’ve seen in their practice. The murder of children was a clear shot across the bow of the British press and politicians who once again fail their sons, daughters, brothers and sisters. We have much the same issues in the US.

  • KansasGirl

    It’s as if the ruling class wants chaos. smh

    • Michael Horne

      Check out the Kalergi Plan, if you haven’t heard of it. Merkel has received their highest honour…

  • TheAhmedClockCompany

    this is what transpires when the inmates run the asylum.

    just disgusting.

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